SEM Workshops

It's never been easier to learn about SEM, connect with others from around the world who are exploring SEM...and receive the support you help to ensure your success with SEM!


Whether you're an integrative wellness practitioner (and I hope you are) or someone who believes you can heal yourself...and are interested in learning everything you can about Source Energy that you'll have all the support, knowledge, and resources to help you, your family and friends on your journey with SEM.


If this is you...then this is a great place for you to be!


All four Source Energy Medicine workshops are now available online!

Before we go you know about the Source Energy Medicine - Quick Start Guide?


It's a free mini-course in SEM...and it's ESSENTIAL to your journey with SEM!

I want to do everything I can to help to ensure your success.

Please DO NOT even think about our online workshops...without first fully exploring the Quick Start Guide...for at least a few weeks!

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If you have been exploring the SEM Quick Start Guide...and are eager for more...then this is the next step for you!


We offer 4 separate, online workshops.

The first two cover all the Fundamentals of SEM.

Both are carefully designed to take you...from the very basics of SEM...all the way through mastery of SEM technology, our charging label system and practical, yet creative application.

The next 2 online workshops are more advanced and cross over into the energy healing modality of SEM known as the Non-Material Aspect of SEM.


Yes, mastery of SEM is well within your reach.


The first two workshops are known as the SEM Fundamentals Level I & II...and this is where everyone starts...and these are prerequisites for the third and fourth workshops.

After the SEM Fundamentals Level I&II are will have the opportunity to explore the Non-Material aspect of SEM...which is where SEM really gets exciting...especially if you're an integrative wellness practitioner.

While the Non-Material aspect of SEM utilizes the same technology as in our charging label's far more flexible and I firmly believe it holds greater potential and possibility...than even our charging label system. And that's saying a LOT!

The third and fourth workshops are known as the Non-Material SEM online workshops Part 1 & 2!

I think you'll be excited to learn...ALL four of our workshops are now ONLY available online.


I no longer teach this content in live workshops ....because this online format is a much better way for you to be able to learn all about SEM...while saving thousands of dollars in travel expenses and time away from home and work.


You can now explore all of our workshops from the comfort of your own home or a fraction of the investment when these were offered as live events.


Each workshop is designed to enable you to learn at your own pace.

Within our workshops...there is NO such thing as falling behind!



No airports, hotels, and restaurant food.

No travel expenses!..which are often far more than the workshops!

No time away from home, family and work.

Start, pause to take notes...or to take a break...and stop...when you want! AND in YOUR time zone!

You get to pause, rewind and replay any module and revisit the content as often as you like!

You adjust the thermostat and lighting to YOUR comfort level!


The online workshops are a combination of short, topic-specific video webinars...and community forums!


The community forums are a great place where you can post comments, ask questions, share successes and perceived challenges.

You get to connect with others...from around the world...who are exploring SEM!

This is a great way to be able to request support and ask for accountability.

Sound intriguing?

I certainly hope so!

We open registration for the SEM Fundamentals Level I workshop as soon as we have enough people signed up for the waiting list.


PLEASE DO NOT sign up for the waiting lisist...

UNLESS you're serious about registering for the workshops!


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