SEM Mondays…what the heck is that?!

sem monday

silly me

Silly me!

I wrote a blog post based on the first SEM Mondays Nugget of SEM Wisdom this series...and I neglected to FIRST explain to you what the heck SEM Mondays actually is!

What can I tell you?

I get excited...and take action.

And in this case...well...I'm circling back to help to sort out any confusion I may have created!

SEM Mondays...

SEM Mondays is my latest passion. project...and it centers around supporting you to get started...and more importantly...supporting you to stick with Source Energy Medicine.

Every Monday @ 1:11 PM EDT, 11:11 AM MDT and 10:10 PDT...(I fully realize it's 10:11 PDT...humor me...will ya? 10:10 is way more fun!) I will share a unique piece of content to support you on your journey with SEM.

Twice a month...SEM Mondays I will offer a live open Q&A webinar. And twice a month I will release a SEM Nugget Video...which is a short, topic-specific clip filled with a nugget of SEM wisdom!


We're currently utilizing Zoom our private webinar platform for the live SEM Mondays...and will also stream to FB in the near future.

Since this is a regular event...we can utilize the same Zoom link every time...which makes things super simple for you!

The following is the direct link to the webinar room.

It might be a good idea to copy the link and add it to your calendar.

And if you're like me...I set 2 alarms for every appointment to make is super easy for me.

Advanced registration is not required...
however, for all of our protection...
Zoom does require a name and valid email address in order to be able to access the webinar room.

As if that's not awesome the content will be archived inside the SEM Quick Start Guide - Total Access Page.

Which if you don't know what that's essential to your journey with SEM.

It's a free mini-course in SEM! And it's totally amazing. At least that's common feedback I receive.

The SEM QSG TAP literally contains everything that is essential to your journey with SEM...all in one well organized, convenient location.

Click here to sign up for the SEM QSG TAP!

Back to SEM Mondays!

So far I've received inspiring feedback from this kooky project. I still have a hard time wrapping my brain I went from having massive resistance to committing to SEM becoming completely immersed in it!..and super passionate about it!

So far we've had a hand full of live SEM Mondays...and a few nugget videos.

When you check out the first SEM Mondays Nugget video you will learn.


  • When is the ideal time to add an individual SEM to your sample protocol?
  • Why adding an individual SEM in the first step might not be a great idea…and might even lead to you quitting.
  • How to know which of the 180 different SEM to add.
  • How long to take an individual SEM.
  • Exactly what is the cost of adding individual SEM?
  • And finally…what’s the worst thing that can happen.

It's a fun, in-depth exploration...and this is content I have not previously shared outside of our live or online workshops.

In the second SEM Mondays Nugget Video, you will discover...

  • The root cause of ALL dis-ease,

  • The root cause of ALL imbalance and

  • The root cause of any area of lack imaginable that you could possibly be experiencing

  •  Why searching for the “cure” for a particular dis-ease…is a futile path

You want to make sure to check out this nugget video!

A lot of folks are commenting they're watching it more than once! Which is awesome! There are a lot of paradigm-shifting insights inside this one clip!

AND...spoiler alert..the next installment of SEM Mondays Nugget all about a part of your mind...that is either your greatest asset...or greatest liability...depending on how it's expressing itself.

You definitely want to make sure to keep an eye out for that one!

Talk about a game changer!

Lastly...if you haven't already...make sure to join the SEM FB Group.

This is where we will be streaming SEM the near future!

Click here to join the FB Group!