When Can I Add Individual SEM to My Protocol?


A blog version of a Video???

Hey there…welcome to the first blog version of a SEM Mondays video!

I LOVE that some folks prefer reading to watching videos…so here you have it!

Above all In this blog post today…we’re going to take a deep dive into one of the most FAQs I receive.

When can I add individual Source Energy Medicine?

Comparatively, this is a very common question…especially for those who are new to SEM…the answer is a bit complex and the conversation gets sophisticated pretty fast.

Right from the start, I want you to know that my intention with SEM Mondays (in each format) is to stick to the fundamentals…I write (and speak) in simple language…and in reality, I do my best to make even the most technical conversations…that can get heavy, confusion and pretty dang boring in short order…I’m fully committed to none of that.

Transformation Source Energy Medicines are the most common SEM that are added to the sample protocol.


Although my intention is to keep these explorations light, fun and most important, at least to me is...I’m committed to offering you things that you can do right away to help you on your journey with SEM…especially if you’re new or relatively new to SEM!

In this blog post, you’re going to learn…

  • When is the ideal time to add an individual SEM to your sample protocol?
  • Why adding an individual SEM in the first step might not be a great idea…and might even lead to you quitting altogether.
  • How to know which of the 180 different SEM to add.
  • How long to take an individual SEM.
  • Exactly what is the cost of adding individual SEM!
  • And finally…what’s the worst thing that can happen if you add some extra, individual SEM?

And it’s with this last bullet, after all, point that I’d like to start the conversation.


I figure let’s just get the worst-case scenario out of the way first thing…and the rest should be easy peasy.


If you were to follow my content for even a short amount of time and you’ll likely hear me say…within SEM the worst thing that can happen is nothing…and the best thing is nothing short of what would be considered a miracle.

And yet there is a particular ”worst thing” that I often talk about…and that is…some folks quit. They stop taking SEM. And to me, that’s sad…because they give up short of success.

This reminds of a story with this intention, I once heard about Thomas Edison…and how he had the notion that it would be easier and far less work to pick up abandon research projects that other inventors gave up on and quit.

source energy medicine


Edison was curious to find out if this would indeed be less work than starting a new project from scratch. So he started to test out his notion…and had amazing success.

Not too much later…after receiving numerous patents that were based on finishing these abandon projects…he realized that if the inventors only knew how close they were to success…they never would have quit!

I encourage you to keep this story in mind. I use it ALL the time…and always find inspiration in it.

Thought Leader, Tony Robbins teaches us…....

the only reason there EVER is for failure…is lack of creativity!

I LOVE that!


Image of Tony Robbins


So yes…quitting is the worst thing that could happen…next worst thing is…nothing happens…and I honestly don’t recall ever hearing that from anyone.

Keep in mind SEM works very gracefully, without catharsis, without drama, without healing crisis or healing reactions…all of which is intentional, by the way.

Most people experience measurable, positive results...within the first 30 days.

A super common remark is a greater sense of peace and calm. Being less emotionally reactive. Less stressed and more connected to Source. And to me, these are absolutely HUGE!

There’s an entire video in the Source Energy Medicine Quick Start Guide Total Access Page (SEM QSG TAP)…where I talk about all this in great detail. It’s the one on expectations…make sure to check it out if you haven’t already.


If this is not making much sense...it would be helpful to go back and start with the first blog in this series...or read my book Heal Thyself.




To make it a no brainer for you...I include an electronic copy of the latest edition (3rd ed.) in the FREE Source Energy Medicine Quick Start Guide - Total Access Page!

When to add an individual SEM depends upon a few main factors.

First, …what’s the nature of the challenge? In other words…is it an urgent matter? Was a prognosis given by a licensed medical professional that suggests a short amount of time to live?

Or is there a high level of pain?

Or is sleep interrupted for more than a few nights?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions…then I would add everything that makes sense NOW!

Often combining steps from the SEM sample protocol is a wise tactic.

And in the example of a short amount of time to live…the sample protocol simply becomes one extensive and all-inclusive first step.

If the answer is no to each of these three…then my suggestion is as outlined in the sample protocol…which is to add them in step 3 or later.


Why step 3 you might ask?


You might not want to wait that long…and I understand that. Based on my experience since 2005…I believe it’s universally true that everyone (outside of those exploring SEM) initially has very strong subconscious resistance to healing.

This statement is based on hundreds of energetic assessments I’ve done since 2005…and the average resistance to healing that I see is 80% or greater.

I’ve yet to assess anyone who has had less than 75% resistance to healing…in the beginning...in all these years.

Which means…any attempt at healing…with any methodology…would be...at best 25% effective!

And this is why I say…

adding individual SEM early on might not be such a great idea!

Think about it…if the effectiveness is between 10-25% effective…a lot of folks in very short order would think it’s not working! Not fully understand why. Blame the methodology…and quit!

And that to me would be an awful waste…especially when simply sticking with it longer…dramatically increases the possibility of success.

Yes, indeed…75% or more resistance to healing is startling…it does however help me to understand why before SEM I had only very limited positive success trying to heal. Regardless of the methodology. As well as why since 2005...I’ve been completely successful and completely symptom-free.


I haven’t even had a cold or flu in all these years.


Simply by following the sample protocol…specifically with TF2 and AAF 2 (are part of step 2) which hold the intention to completely transform the subconscious mind. In its entirety, including all the various forms of resistance to healing. 


It takes an average of 90 days to completely transform the entire subconscious mind!


source energy medicine


Which if you take a look at the sample protocol…that would be the start of step 3! I hope this is making sense to you.

Once the SCM is transformed…then there’s zero resistance to healing. It's essential to mention...there is another important factor to consider.

And that is…there will also then be 80% or greater allowance of healing…and that continues to increase working toward 100% allowance as we continue to take AAF 2. Then, and only then, any approach, any methodology stands a chance of being fully effective. And positive results become possible.




If you’re not already familiar with the SEM Sample protocol it too is included in the SEM QSG TAP.

I probably should have mentioned this earlier. Just in case you don’t know about the SEM Quick Start Guide Total Access Page…it’s a free mini-course in SEM and includes everything that is essential to your journey with SEM…all in one handy, convenient, well-organized location.


source energy medicine

Click here to register for the SEM QSG TAP!


Now that you have a foundational understanding…and you understand the logic of when to add individual SEM…I want to talk about…


how to know which of the over 180 individual SEM to add?


Since the “Fusion” SEM technology was developed…I personally have only added individual Transformation (T) and Attitude of Allowance (AA) SEM…when creating custom SEM protocols for clients.

Which is to say...I have not used individual Balance (B), Restoration (R) or Energy Level Progression (ELP) Source Energy Medicines.

That in and of itself makes the determining process a whole lot easier…and eliminates three entire groups of individual SEM.


What’s the cost of adding a few extra Ts?


It’s a bit of a trick question…in that there is no financial cost...since you’re not paying for every SEM or charging label you use.

It only requires a few extra bottles and a little time and energy. From where I stand it’s a very small price to pay for what could help to speed your overall transformation and healing process!

In other methodologies I practiced…adding additional remedies could cost hundreds of dollars. And there was no guarantee that they’d even be helpful.


I think this next part is super cool…and to me also very logical and empowering…which I love!


Adding individual Attitude of Allowance SEM simply involves reading the list of AAs…either in my book Heal Thyself…or on the SEM PDR…which also is included in the SEM QSG…and highlighting any AAs that make logical sense.



source energy medicine

Choosing individual Transformation (T) SEM...

also involves logic. And if you look at the SEM PDR…the side with all the Ts…you’ll see a box in the lower right-hand corner…(highlighted in the illustration) which is a shortlist of SEM that are NOT included in a Fusion formula.

This is THE section to read through and see if any make logical sense based on your particular goals and challenges.


source energy medicine


In Heal Thyself you will find a handy reference guide…where I explain exactly what each SEM is…what the intentions within the formula cover and some tips for application.






That brings us to the last part of this conversation…which is about…


How do I know how long to take an individual Transformation SEM?


You might already have figured out this part…and if you have you definitely should get bonus points!

The logic is simply…if individual Ts are added in the 1st step…it’s a given that’s there’s a significant amount of subconscious resistance to healing. Literally subconscious resistance to transformation. So they should be taken longer than if they’re taken after the subconscious mind has already been transformed.

Please note…I would continue taking them for at least until 30 days AFTER TF2 and AAF 2 have been taken for 90 days.

If individual Ts are added after TF2 and AAF 2 have been taken for 90 days…then the subconscious mind is transformed…there’s zero resistance to healing…and 30-60 days is all that’s required.

I want you to know..and I take personal comfort...in knowing…

there’s absolutely no downside to taking any SEM for longer periods of time. There’s no additional cost. It’s a little bit more water….which is pretty cool!

Next…you might already be asking…


How do I know how long to take individual AAs’?

I want to ask you a question. Is there a limit to how much of any of the AAs would be helpful?

Take a look at the PDR…and simply read through the list and you tell me.

Can you get too much of Joy, love, gratitude or peace?

I think not!

And the AAs are the majority of the SEM that I continue to drink on a daily basis.

Look at it this way. I know it’s in my best interest to stay hydrated…I live at 7,000 feet above sea level since 204 and I'm pretty active.

I would much rather drink water that is structured and charged with gratitude or love or joy than water that is not.

Since we covered so much…I’d like to offer a summary of what you just learned…

You now know the criteria for how to determine when is the ideal time to add an individual SEM to your sample protocol.

Why adding an individual SEM in the first step might not be a great idea…and might even lead to you quitting.

You now know how to determine which of the over 180 different SEM to add.

You know how long to take an individual SEM.

You know exactly what is the cost of adding individual SEMwhich to me makes adding individual SEM a no brainer!

As long as you don’t become like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of cash and end up with a kitchen countertop with so many bottles of SEM that it becomes overwhelming...you'll be grand!

I don’t know about you…but often…when I feel overwhelmed…I quit.

And my intention is to support you to stick with SEM…at least until you have fully realized all your goals and no longer are experiencing any challenges!

AND…what’s the worst thing that can happen?

Nothing! And the best thing is nothing short of a miracle!

I hope all this makes sense to you.

If you’re an integrative wellness practitioner…or you are someone who is eager to learn more about SEM…please know we go into this conversation much deeper in both the SEM Level I and SEM Mastery online workshops.

I hope this blog post was helpful and empowering for you.

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That’s it for this blog post today.

Until the next SEM Mondays blog post…I wish you continued blessings on your journey with SEM!