“Real” Goods – Physical Products

What do You Mean by "Real" Goods and Physical Products?

While we offer the complete set of Source Energy Medicine Charging Labels...as well as an e-copy of my book Heal Thyself...openly and freely...a lot of folks are not able to download and print their own Source Energy Medicine Charging Labels.

And others simply prefer reading a "real" book! As opposed to an electronic book on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

If either of these is you...you're in luck! We offer pre-printed label sets and books that you can purchase...and they will be shipped to you.

To purchase pre-printed labels or a print copy of Heal Thyself...simply click one of the images above!

Don't Know About all the FREE Source Energy Medicine Materials?

If you don't know about all the FREE Source Energy Medicine resources... then this is super exciting for me to let you know...to support you...on your self-healing journey with Source Energy Medicine...I created a FREE mini-course in Source Energy Medicine!

It's known as the Source Energy Medicine Quick Start Guide.



AND to make it SUPER SIMPLE for you...I have created a Total Access Page...where all the content is well organized, logical and literally includes everything that is essential to your journey with Source Energy Medicine.

Want to learn more or sign up for the FREE Mini-Course?

Simply click this link to sign up for the FREE Source Energy Medicine Quick Start Guide - Total Access Page. 



Here’s what's included in this FREE mini-course in Source Energy Medicine!

Everything that's essential...to your journey with SEM

  • The ENTIRE SEM charging label system for humans...so that you'll be able to make any SEM (over 190 available) in your own home

  • Charging label printing guide...just in case you need help printing the labels

  • How to Take...How to Make SEM Video...which will enable you to be able to start making and taking SEM immediately after watching this short video

  • A SEM sample protocol that helps you know exactly which SEM to make first...so that you can get started today

  • A simple, step by step video that explains the SEM sample protocol...this short clip answers all the FAQs we used to receive...before this video was available

  • SEM People's Desk Reference (I still use the PDR every day)

  • A concise video that explains the PDR and enables you to be able to use the helpful tool...now and each step of your journey with SEM