a gift from Source…

"I very quickly realized the technology within Source Energy Medicine was NOT given to me...simply to enable me to FINALLY be able to heal myself.

But it was a gift from Source…a gift to be shared with all sentient beings.

While that’s a beautiful and poignant notion…the current harsh reality is…even at nominal prices…over 2 BILLION people around the world would be excluded.

I don’t know about you…but I’m not ok with that.

And that's why I offer everything that is essential to your journey with SEM for free!"

~Stephen Pollitt,

Creator of Source Energy Medicine


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Here’s how it works…

The Source Energy Medicine (SEM) Self -Healing Methodology…centers around proprietary technology and specially designed SEM charging labels.

Apply a SEM Charging label to a bottle of water…and the charging label…structures and charges the water molecules…creating a Source Energy Medicine!

We currently offer over 190 different SEM charging labels enabling you to be able to make any SEM in your own home.

You simply supply suitable containers and good quality water!

AND everything that is essential to your journey with Source Energy Medicine is available to you…for FREE!

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Thought leader, Bob Proctor

Check out this short clip in which Bob Proctor…comments on healing.

Welcome to Source Energy Medicine!

My name is Stephen Pollitt and I want to welcome you to the Source Energy Medicine (SEM) Website!

Based on my experience sharing Source Energy Medicine (SEM) since 2004…it is highly likely that you are either an integrative wellness practitioner of some kind…

or are someone who was like me…on a quest…seeking answers…ways to heal yourself …naturally, safely, completely, affordably and long-term.

My mission is to help every sentient being on this planet to heal themselves.

And my mission is all-inclusive.

By that, I mean that I openly and freely share everything that is essential to your journey with SEM.

Otherwise, even at a nominal price…over 2 billion people around the world would be excluded. I don’t know about you…but

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SEM Workshops and Membership Clubs

How awesome is it to be you?!

Whether you’re an integrative wellness practitioner (and I hope you are) or simply interested learning everything you can about Source Energy Medicine…to help you to be able to heal your self…it’s never been easier to learn about SEM and receive the support you need to help to ensure your success with SEM!

All SEM workshops and memberships are now available online!

I think you’ll be excited to learn…ALL of our online workshops and memberships are designed to enable you to learn at your own pace.

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