A Gift From Source…

Whether you're an integrative wellness practitioner...                                  or someone who believes you can heal yourself...                                                            THIS is an awesome place for you to be!..                                                                        AND I am grateful you found          Source Energy Medicine!

Source Energy Medicine Success Stories

"For years, western medicine failed me. Source Energy Medicine not only healed me, it changed my life and gave me a miracle!"

~ D.W. Denver, Co

"I was a top tier holistic practitioner for 40 years but unable to fix myself till SEM.

In just one year of SEM , have helped myself, family, friends, pets and clients that and previously could not have helped in the last 40 years of practice!"

~ Dr. T.R.K., DC, AA, BS, MS, ATP,

San Antonio, TX

"For over 30 years I have been trying to heal myself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Grateful for finding the answers in Source Energy Medicine."

~ T.B. Omaha Nebraska

"Since I started using Source Energy Medicine...not very long ago...my life has had a radical transformation in my well being. I feel it in my consciousness, my feelings, my habits and the love for myself and others.

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

~ L.E. Mexico City, Mexico

"WOW, Source Energy Medicine has changed our lives! We now have a completely different outlook on our health and well-being. We have so much energy to live our dreams. Thank you Source Energy Medicine!"

~ Franco and Marina Morgan

Manitoba, Canada

"Source Energy Medicine is not just a healing remedy…but also make me realize my own power…and nature’s power to help me to heal myself!"

~ R.B. Mumbai, India

"I received a call from a friend whose partner was in a coma and having trouble breathing, even with a respirator. She had been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and the doctor had told that her partner would not awaken. I asked Stephen for advice and suggested a protocol and I placed the charging labels on her picture. She awoke from the coma the next morning and now gardens, rides and cares for her horse, hikes, and designs and monitors web sites. Everyone says she is a living miracle. Of course, we all know that Source Energy Medicines are the miracle."

~ C.S,. Arizona

"My mother's depression has improved incredibly; she is down to a very low dose of anti-depressants. She also noticed that her varicose veins seem to hurt less and if anything have receded. She had taken a lot of other brands of vein remedies with little impact."

~ D.G., Virginia

"I put the Source Graphic on Thoracic 6 and Thoracic 7[vertebrae] and shortly afterward, these two disks that have protruded for most of my adult life went into alignment and have been in place ever since."

~ A.R., New Jersey

“Years ago I had had a Thoracotomy for a benign tumor. The scar tissue left a tightness that had plagued me for almost 30 years. When I hugged someone it hurt. There were positions in Yoga that I couldn't do on the left side. But mainly I couldn't really take a deep breath without feeling it. Stephen suggested adding a few Source Energy Medicines. After two weeks I had quite an eye opener while doing Yoga. I was in a seated position on the floor, legs spread, bending over and touching my touching my toes on the right side. My head was resting on my knee. I then went to the left side. Until this point, I had only been able to go down half way. To my utter amazement, I could go all the way down--AND WITH EASE! I did it again and again I could easily touch my toes. And yes I can breathe deeply without restriction and yes I can hug tightly without pain. Thank you Stephen! “

~ MS Arizona

"I very quickly realized...the technology within Source Energy Medicine was NOT given to me...simply to enable me to...finally be able to heal myself.

But I believe it was a gift from Source…a gift to be shared with ALL sentient beings.

While that’s a beautiful and poignant notion…the current harsh reality is…even at nominal prices…over 2 BILLION people...around the world would be excluded!

I don’t know about you…but I’m not ok with that!

And that's why I share...everything that is essential to your journey with Source Energy Medicine...for FREE!"

~Stephen Pollitt, Creator of Source Energy Medicine

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SEM Workshops

A Special SEM Master Class on Emergency Preparedness is Now Available Online

I continue to receive a lot of emails from folks concerned about what the next pandemic will bring or what the next strain we’re going to have to deal with is.

Everyone wants to know what can be done proactively or prophylactically…
to help to ensure health and well being during these confusing and uncertain times.

As well as…
is there a SEM emergency protocol…
should symptoms arise?

This special master class was born out of demand from our SEM community when COVID first began…

and it’s important for you to know that all of the content is what you will need to know to be able to support yourself, your family, friends, and neighbors with any acute condition.

In case that’s a term, you’re not familiar with, acute conditions are often described as having a sudden and rapid onset.

People describe the illness as coming out of the blue.


Click here for more information and to register and start the special master class today!


Start your journey with Source Energy Medicine today!

Here’s how it works…

Start your journey with Source Energy Medicine today!

The Source Energy Medicine (SEM) self -healing methodology centers around proprietary technology and specially designed Source Energy Medicine charging labels…

that when applied to a bottle of water… structures and charges the water molecules…creating a Source Energy Medicine!



We currently offer over 190 different Source Energy Medicine Charging Labels…for FREE!

All you have to do is supply suitable containers and good quality water!

Everything that is essential to your journey with Source Energy Medicine is available to you…for FREE!

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Thought leader, Bob Proctor

Check out this short clip in which Bob Proctor…who was featured in the wildly successful film “The Secret”…comments on healing.

Welcome to Source Energy Medicine!

My name is Stephen Pollitt and I want to welcome you to the Source Energy Medicine (SEM) Website!

Based on my experience sharing Source Energy Medicine (SEM) since 2004…it is highly likely that you are either an integrative wellness practitioner of some kind…or are someone who was like me…before SEM…on a quest…seeking answers…looking for ways to heal yourself …naturally, safely, completely, affordably and long-term.

My mission is to help every sentient being on this planet to heal themselves.

And my mission is all-inclusive.

By that, I mean that I openly and freely share everything that is essential to your journey with SEM.

Otherwise, even at a nominal price…over 2 billion people around the world would be excluded. I don’t know about you…but

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